Meet Our Wizards

Updated: May 20

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the magical beings who will guide you on this adventure. They’re a good bunch, mostly. Sure, some of them like to turn our project managers into goats (*cough Viotto*) but it’s all in good, harmless fun.

Now who’s going to tell Gary's wife that he’s on a short sabbatical at a farm? Anyone?

Frodeous Merle

Frodeous Merle is the oldest (don’t tell her we said that!) and wisest wizard in all the land. Holding the most knowledge, power and experience, she’s the Oprah Winfrey of the mystical worlds. A protector of good, and the leader of the pack, if there’s ever anything wrong in this magical world, Frodeous Merle is the number one wizard to go to for guidance or advice. And she makes a fabulous newt stew.

Georginelle Snark

Remember Regina George from Mean Girls? Georginelle Snark is just like her - if you add a gallon of sarcasm and a teaspoon of melancholy. This pessimistic, sassy witch will greet you with a grumpy face, an eye roll and a deep sigh of disbelief. Don’t take it too personally though, she just dislikes everything about you. Her redeeming quality is that she’s extremely loyal. Once you’re on her not-so-bad side, you have a friend for life.

Felix Fynne

The youngest wizard of the group, Felix Fynne is bursting with energy and enthusiasm. He’s full of optimism with a strong sense of childlike wonder. If you’re ever feeling down and there isn’t a golden retriever puppy in sight, Felix is the wizard to go to. He’s always excited to meet new friends, and very keen on knowing about the mortals. Plus, he’s house broken, shares his toys and gets along with children and cats!


Viotto is a bit of a klutz. He doesn’t seem to have the best luck when it comes to things – particularly human technology. He still uses an iWand from the 16th century! Don’t let his clumsiness deceive you though. Viotto is a genius when it comes to magic and history - everything else, not so much. For the last time, Viotto, it’s cmd+z!


If you love a bad boy, you’ll love Hadeon. Hoping to learn more about dark magic, he has big dreams to rule the wizarding world. Deceitful, and cunning, he’s also the right-hand man of evil wizard, Evelynda Cackle. Hadeon is fearless and full of hubris, and this makes him believe he is unstoppable. Ooh, we love a man with a plan!

Evelynda Cackle

Evelynda is a prankster with a capital P. Despite her bloodline of highly evil wizards, she doesn’t have the same wicked drive as her ancestors. Why does taking over the world have to be such serious business? She would like to use her magic to play, to tease and to induce screams of laughter. Even an evil witch is allowed to have some fun sometimes, right? Be on the lookout for her, and if you hear a devious, cackling laugh… RUN!

Alastair Flinch

Here are some good things about Flinch: she looks killer in purple. She also, umm, OK, she’s nothing but cruel, mean, and wicked. Always finding joy in others’ pain, she plays with wizards as if they were her puppets - pulling on their strings and provoking them through mockery and ribbing. (PS Wizards are a sensitive bunch - and you must never, ever talk about their moms’ weight issues.) Leading the pack of evil wizards, Mz Flinch has a few hundred evil schemes up her sleeves.