COVID-19 Protocols

We appreciate your commitment to keeping yourself and others safe.


Stick with your bubble

Please only travel to and attend the exhibition with those who are in your COVID-safe household bubble. 


Maintain 2 meters of Physical Distancing

Please be mindful of physical distancing practices, signage, and instructions of exhibition staff. Please note that we ask you to briefly wait in a line ahead of entry into Wings and Wizards as we manage capacity measures.


Face masks are encouraged 

All staff will be wearing face masks. Guests are highly encouraged to wear face masks but they are optional. 
*A limited number of masks may be available for purchase via the gift shop should guests forget to bring their masks with them. 


Hand Sanitizer must be used prior to entry

The use of alcohol-based hand disinfectant is mandatory ahead of entry to the Exhibit. Although Wings and Wizards is a contactless experience, we abide by the guidance of the Government of British Columbia who recommends the practice of good hand hygiene. Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes. 

Occupancy will be limited and monitored

In accordance with the framework proposed by the Government for safely restoring services such as museums, entry to the exhibit will be staggered by time to ensure a safe operating capacity for guests and staff and to ensure appropriate space for physical distancing.


We are only accepting Contactless Payment methods

Guests must purchase tickets in advance on our website. To prevent any risk to the exhibit staff, the points of purchasing through the experience will only accept contactless payments (credit/debit).


Symptom-Free Policy

We ask guests to remain vigilant and monitor their own health in accordance with information from the government. Guests who experience symptoms of COVID-19, the flu, or cold should not attend the exhibition and should contact us for assistance in rescheduling tickets. We ask that guests seek the appropriate information applicable to COVID-19 if they suspect they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

A safe workplace for all

Abiding by principles from Worksafe BC, Wings and Wizards will not tolerate guests engaging in abusive or belligerent behaviour toward the staff. Guests will be directed to leave the space for misconduct and provided no refunds.


Leaving the Exhibition

Please do not congregate outside the exhibition.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.